Monday, May 23, 2016

Why do Buyers Need an Exclusive Buyer's Agent to Find a Great Deal

In today’s housing market, many homebuyers are choosing to handle their own real estate transactions without the assistance of an exclusive buyer’s agent. However, real estate is an intricate business with legal nuances that overwhelm the average buyer.

Oftentimes, choosing not to use an exclusive buyer’s agent can cost the homebuyer thousands of dollars at the closing table. It's important to seek their help when buying a home, as they have extensive experience and a deep knowledge in all matters related to purchasing real estate properties.

Why Use the Services of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

Since the seller’s real estate agent represents the best interests of the seller, a buyer may not receive the best possible arrangement. The services of a skilled exclusive buyer’s agent can help balance the deal by negotiating terms favorable for the buyer as well.

An exclusive buyer’s agent also helps the homebuyer put realistic expectations on the entire deal, and not just the sales price. When a seller’s agent states that the house is perfect for the buyer, that statement may not reflect the best interest of the buyer.

After all, it is the job of a seller’s agent to represent the best interest of the seller and use all legal means necessary to sell the home at the highest price. An exclusive buyer’s agent, on the other hand, brings balance to the entire transaction.

An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Commissions

Exclusive buyer's agents typically charge one to three percent on real estate transactions. This is not set in stone, and is always negotiable. However, the good news is the seller’s agent usually pays the buyer’s agent commissions out of their own commissions. Aside from all the experience and knowledge an exclusive buyer’s agent brings to the table, the homebuyers might receive those services at no additional cost.

With all these things in mind, there's no reason for you to go blindly through the whole home buying process without seeking help from an exclusive buyer's agent.

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